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Oct 8, 2019
Melbourne, Australia
Reason: Was banned no more than 5 minutes ago for low FOV aimbot, length was I believe 5000000 minutes (3472.222222 days), I was banned by Teq, after Dredd, a very common complainer of me and multiple other wannabe clippers hopped on and started bad mouthing me. If theres any demos or proof of me using an aimbot I'd love to see it, don't cheat, apparently having a high sens and playing KZ and HNS means I'm trying to hide something? Also odd that nothing was done about a player wanting my family and I to die in a car crash and things as such..

I've made previous post's about bad behaviored players directed towards me and some of my friends and talked about them in discord but nothing has been done.

Also, I've somewhat recently returned to spectre and competitive CS in general, so I'd really enjoy if I had a place to warmup (Spectre) for scrims and CG matches and Spectre is the best place for that in my eyes.

Just kind of find it odd that immediatley after somewhat who hates me with a passion because I shit on him alot hops on, and is also somewhat old (I remember his name from atleast 2 years ago) and complains to an admin, I get banned very quickly whilst just messing around..

Again, I'd rather be innocent until proven guilty, and not banned because somebody threw a temper tantrum..

Edit: Adding onto that, I'm sure multiple older players from the community like Aqua, Snowin, DTR, Forque, Static and Inferno could vouch for me often going for insane shit and hitting it on retakes, its uncommon yes, but it does happen, getting instantly banned after little investigation for an apparent low FOV aimbot when I'm going for one taps and flicking around after someone has had a fit doesnt seem too far to me.

More than happy to hop into a game and have you spec me for however long you feel neccersary whilst I play as normal and you can make a call on whether I'm cheating or not based on that, otherwise, being banned for going slightly above average and hitting some headshots seems far fetched, if need be I'll link game demo's of me doing the exact same things on Spectre servers, been doing it for 3 odd years, had major complaints from a minor part of the community and thats been it.

ANOTHER EDIT: Sorry for dragging this on, but also, was banned somewhat recently for a week by an admin that has since been demoted and banned after I hopped on USA server's for a little bit, that ban was lifted as it was unfair, unsure if that influenced this banning, but if it has, I'm hoping that little bit of lore and backstory cleared something up, otherwise, 1 previous kick for either Griefing or Trolling a long time ago, and 1x unfair ban that was lifted after a talk in Discord.
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Head Admin
Jun 13, 2019
Ban appeal denied.

1. No evidence provided on your side of not cheating.
2. Server demos that prove you were actually cheating.
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