Boosting Ban : [76561198872641800]["Map Exploit"] - [7/22]

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Jul 24, 2019
Reason: I was banned for using what I assumed was an acceptable exploit of the server's timer where I can bhop once in spawn and start with an extra bit of speed. The reason I assumed the exploit was acceptable is that in the nearly 8 months I played on the server, not once has anyone every been banned or warned against using the exploit. When I was fairly new to the server I talked with Surf & Turf quite often, and possibly even showed him the glitch to begin with. He never raised an issue with me about it and I did it freely while playing online with him, leading me to assume it was acceptable. If at any point in all of that time I had been asked not to do it, I would have stopped, but everyone I showed or did it around was fine with it or did it themselves already, nobody raised an issue. If I am unbanned, I'll just stop doing it, I'll even start on a fresh account if admins want me to.

Evidence: When I was banned I was pretty confused because I wasn't even aware I was doing anything against the rules, but I didn't think much of it because I assumed it would be a week long ban or some other reasonable amount of time and then I could go back to playing without doing the glitch. A permanent ban is the kind of thing you give out when someone is cheating with aimbot, deliberately and intentionally degrading the experience of other players in a competitive game. What I did was not intentionally against the rules,(It has been part of the game for many years and I have never been banned for it), and surfing is mostly a solo game where people join servers just to talk. The records taken are not impossible to beat, and I can even beat them without doing the glitch. Basically, if I am unbanned I'll continue to play on the server without doing the glitch and tell others that it's not okay to do so.


May 4, 2019
Ban appeal denied.

Reasons for denying your appeal are as follows:
  1. You didn't follow our Fair Gameplay Policy.
  2. You used an exploit on numerous occasions, knowing it was an exploit to set times that other worked hard to accomplish.
  3. You shared this exploit with others further diminishing legitimate times other players set.

I did consider unbanning you and wiping your any times you placed on our surf servers. However point 3 is crossing a line of no return for me.
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