CSGO Server Updates - Oct 19th 2019


May 4, 2019
This post reflects the changes to the server on Oct 19th 2019..

- Fixed premium players fighting over reserved slots/kicking each other
- Fixed cache spawns not working correctly
- Fixed not being able to RTV to de_cache
- Fixed GOTV demos only recording with the name "de_cache" or "de_cache_new"
- Fixed GOTV demos not deleting correctly resulting in space errors
- Updated skins plugin to include P250 X-Ray, and all new skins from the most recent case

Note: With this update, we will be introducing a price change to Premium. The price will now be $3.00 a month going forward to help propel Spectre into bigger adventures. You will see many many more Premium features coming over the next few weeks!

Find issues? Please make sure to report them in our Discord support channel.