CSGO Server Updates - Sept 17th 2019


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May 4, 2019
This post reflects the changes to the server on Sept 17th 2019...

- Executes have been completely redone. ( They also now require 4 players to start )
- Updated executes plugin and added the ability to switch weapons and allow for more customization to load-out
- Added a 1v1 server
- Considerable performance and stability increase across all servers. ( This will allow for bigger updates in the future )
- Updated Spectre website to reflect new locations and community changes
- Fixed execute map voting not working correctly
- Updated advertisements across all servers to advertise our improved Surf servers!
- Removed server hosting from server advertisements
- Fixed a plethora of FPS issues resulting in clients dropping to unplayable numbers. ( There are still a few remaining, I am working to fix this )
- Added partial implementation of our anti-cheat, this will be deployed on all servers soon!
- Added Dallas location ( 6 servers )
- Servers are updated to the latest game update
- EU Surf has been discontinued.

Note: With this update, we will be introducing a coupon code for 25% off your first month of premium. CODE SPCTSEPT19 at checkout - https://spectre.gg/store/ EXPIRES 9/19/2019

New server IPs: - Retakes - Executes - 1v1

Find issues? Please make sure to report them in our Discord support channel.
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