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May 4, 2019

We try our best to provide a fair and easy-going environment for players to enjoy. This set of rules and guidelines are used to set the foundation for that.

Please be aware of our General Community Guidelines as well. You must adhere to them as well.

General Conduct
  • These rules are not necessarily all-inclusive. We reserve the right to issue punishments that are outside of these guidelines.
  • Players who assist in rule-breaking or withhold information relating to rule-breaking may be subject to punishment as well.
  • Repeated infractions will earn punishment of increased severity.
  • Circumventing punishment by playing on other accounts or by other means will result in escalation of any existing punishment.
  • Staff members may issue courtesy warnings before escalating to formal punishment, though they are not required to do so.
No disrespectful, toxic, or disruptive behavior
Maintaining a fun environment is our main objective. Harassment and toxic behavior is not tolerated in our community or servers. Some examples of disruptive behavior are constant arguing or talking over others, inciting players to break the rules (ban-baiting), and persistent toxicity over a long period of time.

Minimum punishment for first offense: 30 minutes mute
No hate speech or tasteless sexual references
We do not tolerate racism, sexism, other hate speech, or illegal tasteless sexual references.

Minimum punishment for first offense: 24 hour ban
No spam
Any excessive or undesirable use of voice or text chat is considered spam. Some examples of spam are flooding chat, talking incessantly, or playing music/sound effects over voice chat.

Minimum punishment for first offense: 30 minute mute
No real-life threats or harassment
Threats or harassment applying or insinuating "real-life" scenarios are not tolerated. This includes threats against players as well as the server itself.

Minimum punishment for first offense: 24 hour ban
No impersonating admins or other staff
Minimum punishment for first offense: 72 hour ban
Fair Gameplay Policy
  • External input assistance of any kind will generally be met with a permanent ban. Some examples of external assistance are wallhacks, aimbot, trigger-bot, bunnyhop scripts, and anti-aim.
  • Exploiting timer bugs are unacceptable. Please report any exploitable bugs on the forums. Do not abuse them or share them with other players.
  • Sharing accounts with other players, especially for the purposes of boosting, is not permitted.
  • Ghosting or using information provided by a player on the other team is not tolerated.
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