Accepted Pinga's CS Surf Application

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Aug 15, 2019
Thread title: Pinga's CS Surf Application
Age: 13
Country/Region: United States Of America
Steam Name: Pinga
SteamRep Link:
Discord: Pinga#7907
Do you have a mic: Yes
Do you speak English: Yes
Why do you play on Spectre servers over others?: I enjoy the community over other servers
How long have you been playing on Spectre?: 3-4 months
What Surf rank do you currently have?: Expert
Do you play on other Spectre servers?: Retakes/Executes
Have you ever been an admin for any other community? If yes, where?: I was an admin on a 1v1 arena server called SEB that was recently shut down
How do you think you could help Spectre? I think I could decrease the toxicity within the community and help bring more people into the server
Are you in our Steam group?: No
Are you in our Discord server?: Yes
What is something you believe Spectre could improve on the most? Do you think you would be essential in doing that? I think spectre could improve on the amount of toxicity within the servers. Many people have left the server for a very long time because of how toxic the community was at the time and I believe that I can decrease that by trying my best and helping others along the way.
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