Accepted Tallaj CS Staff application.

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Sep 13, 2019
Thread title: Tallaj's Staff Application
Age: 15
Country/Region: NZ
Steam Name: Tallaj
SteamRep Link:
Discord: Tallaj#6319
Do you have a mic: Yes
Do you speak English: yes
Why do you play on Spectre servers over others?: I play on spectre servers over others because i'm loving the great community, also how this server is well put together and how everyone cooperates and gets along from what i can hear and see. The plugins are good and i always find a friend or two to play faceit or mm with.
How long have you been playing on Spectre?: im not sure just under a year i think
Which game mode do you play the most?: Spectre retakes au/nz
Have you ever been an admin for any other community? If yes, where?: Yes on discord servers i forgot to mention last time and just recently a mod on a TTT gmod server.
How do you think you could help Spectre? I think i could help the community a-lot when they do /calladmin ill be on in no time and deal with the situation being already there as i play on the server a lot.
Are you in our Steam group?: Yes
Are you in our Discord server?: Yes
What is something you believe Spectre could improve on the most? Do you think you would be essential in doing that?
I think and believe i could improve on the spectre retake servers is when they do /calladmin ill be there in no time and deal the situation being there because usually it takes quite a-lot for an admin to come on and then dealing with the problem by the time they joined they have left. I just want to make sure Spectre reputation is good and everyone has a fun time on the servers. I dont want 1 or 2 toxic players ruining the game for the rest of the people playing and i think i can help with making sure that those toxic players keep their mouths shut.
Thank you.
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