Premium is one of the best ways to directly support Spectre and the community. By subscribing to Premium, you help fund Spectre. So we can continue to work on community projects and host public game servers for everyone to use freely.

Premium Perks Normal Premium
Access to reserved slots in Spectre community servers
Early access to future community servers
In-game recognition across all servers
Forum recognition and access to Premium private corner
Access to Premium events
Access to Premium only Discord channels
A huge thank you for supporting us and the community

Are you a semi-pro or pro player? Message staff memebers on the forum to get Verified status.

How to use Premium

How to get my role and in-game recongition?

When subscribing to Premium, everything is automated to register your Steam and Discord automatically.

How to use my reserved slot?

If you are trying to use your reserved slot on a server that is full, you will need to connect using the in-game console. Enter command “connect [insert server IP:port]” and hit enter.

I don’t have my Premium in servers, Discord, or forums.

If you are missing access or having trouble with your Premium subscription, feel free to make support ticket on our forums using this template.

I want to support Spectre even more! How can I do that?

You can send us a donation.