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Play with your friends, or find friends. Join our casual-competitive community today, primarily focused on CS:GO. Spectre has a little bit of everything for your next adventure.

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Monthly Players: 35,000+
Total Time Played: 1,500,000+ hours

Easily find new people to play or hang out with. Start a clan to build the best base in Ark, form a new crew to run the streets of Los Santos or rush B site like everyone else.

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  • Focusing on community efforts, we ensure that events & game servers that are hosted by us fullfill the community desires.
  • Volunteer community staff help to keep the servers clean of cheaters and help ensure that toxic members are dealt with.
  • Our commitment to community feedback is paired with our custom server development and custom server setups.

Frequently asked questions

Everything we do is meant to be freely available to the entire community. We never liked being apart of communities where we had to jump thorugh hoops to particpate in things. From events, giveaways, competitive ladders, and general server entry all of this is open to everyone.
The most direct way to support the community is through Spectre Premium. Its a subscription that gives you perks in return for community support. Some perks include reserved slots, extra entries into giveaways, basic moderation powers on select servers and early access to new servers.
You can follow us on Twitter, join the Discord, or join the Steam Group to get the latest information about Spectre.